Reasons why to use multi-domain shared hosting

Master Host

Why Master Host

High Speed Hosting has changed the marketing and services offer after a good and detailed research on web hosting forums and of the requests users of those same forums have made. At the beginning we were trying to point all category of clients and that's why we had small hosting packages with only the necessary included add-ons. After awhile we noted that even the customers that thought the smallest plan would do good for them were requesting to upgrade their plan for one or another reason (disk space or bandwidth or MySQL databases).
The other reason that pushed us to seriously think about this way or marketing solution were the visitors of web hosting forums , most of the users were requesting something more then 100 MB disk space and a good number of bandwidth GB.

And that is why is launching this new 'One plan one solution' hosting package. With this package we give the opportunity to our clients to host up to five web sites with one single hosting. Like this, no more need to purchase two hosting's for each of your domain and you save money in your wallet.

You would like to check and our Quick FAQ's and consult the most frequently asked questions and the answers that have been asked to us regarding Master Host and our One hosting one solution.

The advantages of this hosting package

Just with signing up for Master Host you have already taken the advantage of saving money on your wallet. With the last solutions we had if you had two web site's and u needed at least 100 MB of disk space you had to purchase two hosting solutions of Business Hosting package of a monthly cost $5.99 (in total that would of cost you 11.98 a month). With Master Host you pay only $5.95 a month and can get 500 MB disk space and host up to five domains by paying just one monthly fee (saving already $6.03 month).

With this same host you also get 500 MB of disk space 10 GB of monthly bandwidth and 5 MySQL databases that you can divide between your two web sites, 100 e-mail addresses , 100 sub-domains , unlimited e-mail forwarders and the powerful control panel (cPanel).

All this is not enough to satisfy your needs? Please contact us and let us know how can we satisfy your needs of your web site.