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Web design & development

Few words about our work

High Speed Hosting now provides you also web design and web development services with a low cost. The web development department is giving a hard time and effort to create you a good looking, fast loading and easy navigable web site. We all know that your visitors might be viewing your web site from different browsers and that not all browsers display the web site in the same way, that for we guarantee that your site will have the same look viewed from the most used web browsers (internet explorer, mozilla firefox, opera, safari, netscape).

Thanks to the excellent knowledge of CSS (Cascade Style Sheet) that our web developers have your web site will load fast, still attractive and semi-dynamic, and the beautiful graphics made from our graphic designers makes your site attractive to the visitors.

Prices of a full web site (maximum of 10 HTML pages and 1 form contact PHP script) variant from a minimum of $100 U.S. dollars and not more then $400 U.S. dollars. Contact us, consult our staff and get familiar with the cost of your web site and possible discounts.

Template design

If you have knowledge of HTML and CSS and you do not want to invest too much for your web site, you can hire our web designers to design you a web template layout for a cheap price. Prices variate a minimum of $35 to a maximum of $150, included will be 2 standard HTML4.0 coded pages, sliced .PSD (PhotoShop Document), full rights of ownership over the template (can reseller, and you will NOT see another web site with the same layout that will claim they bought the template from us).