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One plan one solution for five domains

 Why this one plan? After the researches on different web hosting forums and the numerous requests through our e-mail our marketing staff found very usefull to use this 'One plan one solution'. With this new feauture you as client can save money on your web hosting, before we had the cheapest plan called Basic Hosting with a monthly cost of $3,99 and the next feautures: 50 MB of diskspace 3 GB of monthly bandwidth 1 MySQL database and 5 E-mail accounts, many clients that owned more then one domain had to purchase for a second hosting plan to host their domains lets do some math $3,99 x 2 = $7,98. Now paying few cents less you can get 5 time more disk space 3 times more bandwidth 20 times more e-mail accounts 10 times more MySQL database and can host up to five web site's with this one unique plan.

Dedicated server

 High Speed Hosting in corporation with the provider of our services Astro Networks offers you cheap and price reliable dedicated servers. No setup fee for every of the dedicated servers, cPanel and WHM included with the price to help you manage better and faster your customers web site's.

Domain name registration and Domain name reseller solution

Domain name registration for a cheap price, only $10,95 a year for most TLD's (Top Level Domain's .com .net .org .biz .name and even cheaper the .info domains). There is a discount of 10% for domains that are being registered for more then 2 years (thsi promotion is valid only for .com .net and .biz domain names).
 If you own more then 7 domain names we are offering you a convenient promotion to get most of your TLD's for only $8,95 a year, have full control over your domain names, register more domains with just few clicks. This same account by request can be used also as reseller account, whenever you think to run a domain name business you can register domains for your clients and create sub-accounts under your account (resellers), and decide the prices for them. To know more about this offer check Domain Reseller section.

SSL Certificate

 Make your customers really feel safe when they purchase for your products or services, encode your clients information's with the SSL (Secure Socket Layet) certificate we are offering you. Can chose between a 128Mbit encoding SSL certificate up to 512Mbit. Contact us to know more how to get a dedicated IP for your SSL Certificate and possible promotions or discounts that we can offer to you.

Web design and web development

 Having a web site for your company today is a must. Every day more and more testimonials tell their story about the increasement of their sales grow since they made a web site for their company, something like 97% of company owners are more then satisfied from their sale increasement right away after they developed a web site for the company. A web site can be used as a on-line store or just as on-line catalog of your products or services, thats why a web site should be easy navigable, fast load and very attractive just as web site for the visitor. With our graphic designers and high qualified programmers hs-hosting.net can create you attractive web site, easy navigable and coded with the standard HTML codes (ie.. standard coding is very important since today there are different web browsers your visitors might use, with standard coding your web site will be displayed correctly in all web browsers). Learn more about our web design and development in our 'design' section, view our portfolio and see our already made work, read the testimonials what they say and how their sales has grew thanks to our quality work.