Free $8.95 eNom domain name reseller

Domain name reseller

Domain name reseller

Why become a Domain Name reseller?
If you own more then 20 domain names our domain name reseller program is your best way to save money for taking care over your domain names. You can have a full control over your domain names, will have a user-friendly control panel, unlimited URL forwarding, unlimited e-mail forwarders, you will decide when to renew your domain names, modify your domain name servers, change the domain name public whois contact or add a name privacy for your domain name. To become a domain name accredited registrar and approved by ICANN now days it costs more then you can imagine. You can now enter the domain name business with a small investment and start offering domain name services on your web site. Can create your own resellers, set prices for your resellers, have a user friendly reseller panel and user panel for managing your domain name nameservers, public whois, url forwarders, e-mail forwarders, support via powerful FAQ's , helpdesk, e-mail.

Is acting as accredited ICANN domain registrar?
No, is not a ICANN accredited domain name registrar, we act as reseller and use as registrar one of the leaders in the domain name industry business eNom Inc. The uptime, services and eNom's user-friendly control panel is what it makes it as the most preffered and chosed by the companies that deal with the domain name industry business.

How much will cost me to become domain reseller?
To become domain name reseller won't cost you a penny. Won't cost you even a single cent. You are getting your account with zero cost, you will just have to invest $100 in your reseller account. This is not a cost, it is a investment, those $100 will be used by YOU for registering your client's domain names. The cost for you as reseller of the domains will be $8.95/year for .com .net .org .biz .name and $6.95 for .info (approx. 11 domains).

What do i get and where can i request an account?
You get most TLD and ccTLD's with a cheap price, check the whole list of the available TLD and ccTLD and the prices, a user-friendly API to integrate within your billing script software, 24/7 e-mail support, rich and powerful FAQ's , helpdesk ticket help.
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